DIY Tips to Maintain your Air-Conditioning System: A Helpful Guide

DIY Tips to Maintain your Air-Conditioning System: A Helpful Guide

Keeping your air conditioning system in peak working order is paramount, especially when warmer time periods approach. While professional servicing, like that offered by our local specialists, is essential, there are also various do-it-yourself tips you can apply to help prolong the life of your system.

1. Monthly Filter Replace: One of the most straightforward and effective ways to keep your A/C unit operating efficiently is to replace or clean its filters regularly. Blocked filters can drastically reduce your system’s efficiency and even damage it in some instances. You might want to consider scheduling a regular monthly check-up.

2. Outdoor Unit Maintenance: The outdoor condenser and compressor unit of your A/C system can get choked with leaves and debris, hindering its performance. Periodically cleaning this area is essential; ensure the unit is off before you begin for safety.

3. Assess the Thermostat: Regularly reviewing your thermostat can help you save energy and keep your home comfortable. If you haven’t already, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat; this handy device can adjust the room’s temperature settings depending on whether you are at home or not.

4. Inspect the Condenser Unit Fan: Turn off your A/C system and take a look at the fan mounted on the outdoor condenser unit’s top. If the fan’s blades have cracks or chips, this could lead to further issues. In such a case, calling a professional, like the team at R.H. Witt, may be the most sensible approach.

5. Audit A/C Coils and Coil Fins: Both the evaporator coil and condenser coil of your A/C system can gather dirt over time. An annual inspection and cleaning is generally advisable. Moreover, the aluminum coil fins can often get bent, which may block smooth air passage. A ‘fin comb’ can help to straighten these fins back to their original state.

6. Insulate and Seal: It’s crucial to ensure that your cooling system’s central ductwork is correctly insulated; this can help prevent significant energy losses. Similarly, check for any potential leaks around your doors and windows.

Whilst DIY tricks can help maintain your A/C system’s health, having regular professionals’ assessments ensures that no hidden problems are brewing beneath the surface. Contact us at R.H. Witt, your locally owned and operated air conditioning repair and service provider. We combine expertise and prompt service for your peace of mind.